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Meet Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS

Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS

Dr. Joe Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, board certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues. His mission is to create a new paradigm around treating persistent pain and reverse our global pain epidemic. He is the creator of the Healing Pain Online Summit and The Healing Pain Podcast designed to broaden the conversation around natural strategies toward solving persistent pain. Dr. Tatta is the author of Heal Your Pain Now; A Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life by Da Capo Press.

NEW RELEASE! Heal Your Pain Now Book

The groundbreaking book, “Heal Your Pain Now,” provides powerful new information and a simple step-by-step process to help you reclaim your pain free life… sometimes immediately.

If you struggle with persistent pain, arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, autoimmunity, stress, excess weight, fear of movement or other physical and emotional symptoms, Heal Your Pain Now offers simple solutions that really work.



| with Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS

The Heal Your Pain, Heal Your Life Program

What if you could change your relationship with pain? What if you could ERASE it like chalk from a blackboard? The “Heal Your Pain, Heal Your Life” program walks you through a simple process that can literally GIVE you back your life … from the inside out.

If you’re ready to LOVE your life again and do all the things you want to do, whenever you want to do them – dance, carry your own groceries, go up the stairs, lay on the floor and play with your kids or grandkids, THIS is where you start.

The Healing Pain Summit

Join Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, CNS as he interviews 30 of the top experts in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, personal development and more.

Learn tools, strategies and techniques you can apply right now to alleviate pain and why you are not your diagnosis and recovery is possible.


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