My scoliosis was discovered when I was 16. It has gotten progressively worse since then and I have always been fearful that once the curve got to 60 or 70 degrees, I would have to have surgery. However, having met Joe Tatta on 1999, I have been spared by his good advice and counsel. His PT and exercise regime has kept me out of the operating room and free of pain. I am 68 years old and have a 70/40 lumbar-thoracic curve.

Karen D.

Joe helped me overcome excruciating back pain. I sit upwards of 10 hours a day at work which was killing my back. His program was a life saver. I can now get back to living an active life pain-free!

Greg W.

While I have been a ballet dancer my entire life and still want to dance through my 40s and beyond, Joe has taught me to understand my body rather than to chase the pain that has plagued me for decades. Joe has given me a progressive series of uncomplicated exercises that improve my spinal function. As a result, I am stronger, more flexible, and out of pain. I now have the tools to maintain, and continue to improve, my mechanics to prevent further injury. I can now participate in all the physical actives that I love to do, just more intelligently.

Sarah O.

Dr. Joe Tatta has such a depth of wisdom about chronic pain and my patient population has really appreciated his program and his book, because he looks at pain in a way that I haven’t ever seen another clinician look at. His approach is very complete and it’s very holistic.

Dr Alejandra Carrasco

Dr Joe’s keen understanding of neurophysiology and how pain signaling occurs helped me through his program, and figure out how to transform my understanding of the pain, and the pain just lifted! I really do believe that for anyone who has chronic pain issues, his program is the right program for you.

Dr. Vincent Pedre

As a pharmacist I can tell you that pain can destroy a person’s life, but so can pain medications, which have the potential to be very, very addictive. Dr. Joe Tatta’s expertise and program is a godsend and a blessing to so many patients because he teaches them how to resolve their pain naturally.

Dr. Izabella Wentz

I have a lot of viewers and patients dealing with chronic pain, and what I love about Dr. Joe Tatta’s program is that he has a natural approach to dealing with chronic, terrible, debilitating pain. A lot of my readers, including my Dad, have received incredible benefits going through Dr. Joe Tatta’s program.

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Joe has integrated information that is extraordinary, to help people heal their pain without using pharmaceuticals. He’s brilliant in how he really understands the science and how he helps people understand solutions to their pain. It’s going to change the face of medicine.

Dr. Ann Shippy

Dr. Joe’s program is amazing for anyone who is suffering from pain. He has an entirely fresh approach that most of us are not exposed to and not aware of.

Debra Atkinson

The beauty of Joe’s work has to do with how he’s integrated multiple modalities to hit every level of pain, and some which many have not considered.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

I would like to say thank you to Joe Tatta for his amazing program that he has created, and his new book.

Dr. Steven Masley

My health has been in Joe Tatta’s hands for over twenty years. Our relationship started with physical therapy for chronic aches and pains. I quickly realized that Joe is gifted with more than just “a healing touch”. His wisdom goes further than skin deep. It includes solid counseling on exercise, nutrition and wellness that has proven invaluable through two major spine operations, creeping osteoarthritis and the unavoidable ageing process. Joe is a vital part of my well-being.

Pat M.

I first met Joe Tatta in 1998. Since then he has treated me for various injuries. Multiple ankle sprains, a stress fracture in my foot, a psoas injury, back pain, neck pain and SI joint discomfort. I have attended many lectures he has presented and Continuing Education courses. He is a highly regarded leader in the field of health and wellness. He has been my “go to” expert on physical therapy and nutrition.

Jennifer R.
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