What would you do if you could finally treat your pain successfully?

Join This Live Webinar Event with Dr. Joe Tatta
Wednesday, November 8th at 7PM EST

. . . Would you enjoy your favorite activities again? Sleep better at night? Or, maybe travel more?

Join me for a LIVE & FREE webinar training event where I will teach you how you can…

  • Reduce and eliminate the pain in your body
  • Experience less fear of movement, less anxiety, and more joy
  • Get to the root cause of your pain and solve it – instead of treating symptoms
  • Eliminate the need for pain medications
  • Sleep more sound and wake up refreshed and energized
Yes, Save My Seat At The Reverse Pain Method Webinar...

The Reverse Pain Method taps into the cognitive and emotional reasons for your chronic pain: the stresses, thoughts, emotions, core beliefs and myths that might be holding you back from the lifestyle you desire…and deserve!

I’ll explain how to manage the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions. Think of it as a therapeutic triangle. Change just one of these three factors – and you change them all!

You’ll love what I have planned for this webinar because I intend to show you simple, natural strategies for reducing or eliminating pain in your life – and I am very eager to share them with you!

Yes, Save My Seat At The Reverse Pain Method Webinar...
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