HPP 065 | Lifestyle Medicine

A Physical Therapist’s Role in Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Elizabeth Dean

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Elizabeth Dean Surgery and drugs are always the go-to for doctors, but with the changing times there is now a need for the conventional ways to be reconsidered. Dr. Elizabeth Dean of the University of British Columbia in Canada believes that it is time to reconfigure

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HPP 064 | Group Discussions

Create A Healing Environment Through Group Discussions with Dr. Jarod Hall

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Jarod Hall Every doctor considers every patient as a case study in and of itself, and that every patient has a different way of defining the pain they are feeling. Dr. Jarod Hall explains how group discussions among patients transform into a healing environment where a

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HPP 063 | Better Brain Solution

Better Brain Solution with Dr. Steven Masley

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Steven Masley For the body to be healthy the brain needs to be healthy. Join Dr. Steven Masley as he explains why having a healthy heart is a better brain solution. Learn how your heart rate tells a lot about your brain functions and how exercise

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Mindfulness Of The Body: Cultivation Approaches For The Patient And Clinician with Dr. Nicholas Karayannis

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Nicholas Karayannis The prediction, prevention and alleviation of persistent pain are challenging tasks because the precise cause is often elusive and an individual’s experience of pain varies considerably. To reduce the suffering associated with pain in an effort to restore a more balanced state of being, this

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HPP 061 | Healing Child Pain

Healing Child Pain Begins in the Brain with Dr. Laura Simons

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Laura Simons Pediatric chronic pain is a significant problem with conservative estimates that somewhere between 20% to 35% of children and adolescents are affected by it worldwide. Pain experience in children hospitals is known to be common but is under-recognized, often under-treated, with more than 10%

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HPP 060 | Moving with Ease

First 5 Steps to Moving with Ease with Neil Pearson

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Neil Pearson Finding quality pain killer that focuses on teaching you how to move with more ease while integrating the latest pain science principles that keep your body, breath and mind calm, can be challenging to find. Many of these principles are not taught in primary medical

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Tips for Parenting a Child with Chronic Pain & Anxiety with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Nicole Beurkens If you are the parent of a child with chronic pain, anxiety, mood or behavior challenges, you may have wondered if the struggles you and your child are facing will ever get better. Too often you may hear things from your child such as,

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Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science to Resolve Headaches and Pain with Dr. Trupti Gokani

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Trupti Gokani There are approximately 45 million Americans that complain of headaches each year. That works out to about one out of every six people or about 17% of the population. More than 8 million Americans visit their doctor for complaints of headache each year. It’s

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HPP 057 | Biopsychosocial Model

The Biopsychosocial Model Of Pain with Dr. Lorimer Moseley

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Lorimer Moseley This week on the Healing Pain Podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing Professor Lorimer Moseley. Whether you’re a practitioner or a patient, you may very well be aware of his work, as he is one of the global leaders in the revolution to

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HPP 056 | Psychosocial

The Importance of Embracing Psychosocial Factors Of Pain with Dr. Steven George

Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Steven George The biopsychosocial model of care is currently the model for which all healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, are expected to evaluate and treat patients with chronic pain. Physical therapists are now expected to recognize pain associated with psychosocial distress and to modify their treatment

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