Drug Dealer, MD; Doctors Duped, Patients Hooked, How To Stop It

  Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast. It’s great to be here with you again for another week where we discuss integrative strategies for healing chronic pain naturally. Each week, as you know, I try to bring on a different guest from healthcare. A different guest who can really talk to both practitioners, as well as people who’ve had chronic pain and how we can obviously deal with our opioid epidemic, how we can deal with our chronic pain epidemic and just to bring in different mindsets and experience. Once I heard today’s expert, I was really excited and… Read More

The Toxin Solution with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

  Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a world-leading authority on science-based natural medicine, a term he coined in 1978. He is also the author of The Toxin Solution. In this episode, we are going to talk about toxins and how they affect your health tremendously. He goes into detail about the diseases that are commonly caused by toxins. He also discusses how we can fight this and what we can do about it. About Dr. Joseph Pizzorno Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a world-leading authority on science-based natural medicine, a term he coined in 1978. A licensed… Read More

Skin Conditions and Their Relation to Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Trevor Cates

  Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast. Thank you for joining us for another week on the podcast where we talk about all sorts of integrated strategies toward healing pain naturally and different pathways where you can look at your overall health and figure out how that relates your chronic pain or your chronic pain experience. Whether you are someone who’s struggling with chronic pain or whether you’re a practitioner who works with someone who has chronic pain. This week on the podcast, I am excited to talk to Dr. Trevor Cates, who is a nationally recognized naturopathic doctor… Read More

How to Assess and Interview Patients about their Pain Experience

  Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast. For the past year, I have created a podcast around healing pain naturally dedicated to millions of Americans with chronic pain that are looking for healthy alternatives to healing for pain that do not involve drugs or surgery. Also, this podcast is for the professionals that support that paradigm shift. Today, I'm trying to really up level this cause by taking it to Facebook Live. I have a great guest today. Her name is Dr. Karen Litzy. She is a doctor of physical therapy who lives in New York City. She has… Read More

The Integration of Nutrition into PT Practice, with Dr. Carolyn Dolan

  Welcome back to the Healing Pain Podcast. I am your host, Dr. Joe Tatta. It's great to be here with you for another episode where we talk to both clinicians and patients about chronic pain, chronic disease and how we can heal it naturally, how we can heal your chronic pain and how we can heal our sick health care system.  On the podcast today, I have Dr. Carolyn Dolan. She is a traditionally trained physical therapist. After her health struggles, she returned to get a degree in Holistic Nutrition to further help others recover from injury and chronic… Read More

Discover The Mindset of Miracles with JJ Virgin

  Welcome to the Healing Pain Podcast!   Today's guest is JJ Virgin, four-time New York times bestselling author and celebrity nutrition and fitness expert. She has a new movie that is just about to be released called You Are Stronger Than You Think. In this episode, JJ Virgin talks about the event that changed her life just when she thought everything was perfect. She goes through that life altering event and how she and her family got through it through the mindset of miracles. She provides a few tips that you can do easily and fast to start shifting your mindset. She also talks… Read More

How A Boating Accident Changed An Actor’s Life, with Zack Weinstein

Welcome to the Healing Pain Podcast!   Today, I have Zack Weinstein. He is an actor who guest starred most recently on the YouTube Red hit called Sing It. He’s also been seen on Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Glee. He was majoring in theater at Skidmore College in New York when an accident changed his life. Despite his injury he’s gone on to successfully pursue his passion and dream of becoming a professional actor. In this episode, we talk about what Zach thinks about the future of health care, He discusses how to get get help from the Christopher Reeve Foundation and… Read More

Medical Therapeutic Yoga, with Dr. Ginger Garner

  Welcome to the Healing Pain Podcast!   Today we are joined by Dr. Ginger Garner, doctor of physical therapy, orthopedic physical therapist, founder of The Professional Yoga Therapy Institute, and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga.   In this episode, Dr. Ginger Garner talks about how she has brought yoga both into her practice and into her life. We discuss all the different ways that yoga fits in to medical and therapeutic practice, restorative yoga practice versus regular practice, bio-psycho-social framework, etc. We talk about what Dr. Garner thinks about the future of yoga, which she thinks is in education as well… Read More

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