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I will answer YOUR personal questions and bring years of study, scientific research and cutting-edge info on pain, injury, illness so you no longer have to “manage” your pain. There is a new life beyond the pain.

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When you discover exactly how your body works and how to heal yourself naturally, you get your body working FOR you and not AGAINST you. Let me support you with some GREAT information and a powerful new way to approach your brain and pain.

“My health has been in Dr. Joe Tatta’s hands for over twenty years. Our relationship started with physical therapy for chronic aches and pains. I quickly realized that Joe is gifted with more than just “a healing touch”. His wisdom goes further than skin deep. It includes solid counseling on exercise, nutrition and wellness that has proven invaluable through two major spine operations, creeping osteoarthritis and the unavoidable ageing process. Joe is a vital part of my well-being.” — Pat M. New York City, New York

“My pain has dropped by 60% since I started this program and still improving. This program has given me everything to fully heal.” — Holly Dallas, Texas

”I listened carefully to your webinar. I learned a lot. In fact just focusing on pain causes me to feel more pain. I have some self limiting beliefs that are fear based. I am also angry because I always perceived myself as a healthy person before the pain. I helped others all my life but when I developed pain I felt dumped! I have tried many natural methods to heal, nothing has worked but I feel I am getting closer. I am so happy to have found your program.” June — Canada

“Within your program, the biggest help was understanding that the brain creates pain signals, not the body, and how our beliefs about pain determines our response. 22 years of getting sleep-disturbing pain signals from any repetitive motion had convinced me to be careful, along with the belief that with Fibromyalgia I had to accept diminished capacity as the new norm. Up until a couple years ago I was able to walk very well, but the struggle these past 2 years in which nothing seemed to help move me forward has been more limiting than I was willing to accept – particularly since I could work out in the warm water pool. Why wasn’t that translating to being able to walk again? Armed with the understanding that I could move past the brain’s false pain signals w/o hurtling myself gave me the ability to push the envelope little by little. That being said, the change in diet and weight loss coming into the program were critical pieces and a solid foundation. Bless you and thank you Dr. Joe for this program!”  Carol St. Louis, Missouri

Yes, Save My Seat At The Healing Pain Webinar...
Amber Vilhauer