5 Steps to Easing Pain With Guided Imagery

Have you forgotten how to tap into your imagination? As we mature and become adults, society may make us feel that we no longer need our imaginations. Some may believe that we only need to focus on behaving realistically and not bother wasting our time dreaming about things that seem unlikely or far-fetched. For those… Read More

Easy and Proven: Nutritional Tips for Fibromyalgia Backed by Science

Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic, widespread pain, with no specific cause. It is a complex condition that affects each patient differently. However, an individualized plan of simple dietary changes may help you improve your symptoms. So, what to eat and what to avoid? Those with fibromyalgia often experience symptoms such as sleep problems, decreased attention,… Read More

Investigating 3 Common Forms of Gastrointestinal Pain

Because of the numerous ingredients that are contained in many of the foods today, it can be hard to track down the main culprit behind what may be causing your gastrointestinal pain and discomfort.  Additionally, many people are unaware of how sensitive they are to certain foods (such as gluten). The gluten-free diet is something… Read More

5 Ways to Balance the Microbiome

Do your joints and muscles continually ache throughout the day preventing you from enjoying the mobility you may have had before?  Does your stomach feel like it is in knots after every meal due to gastrointestinal pain?  You may receive prescription medications that help mask the pain you experience, but it seems like nothing you… Read More

Treating Tendon Pain and Busting Myths

No one is immune to muscle pain, whatever your personal level of activity you’re vulnerable to it. Basketball players, ballet dancers and even office workers can all develop tendon injuries causing pain in their daily life. If you live a very active life, you’re no stranger to this risk and you might have faced it… Read More

The Pain Imaging Revolution – Answers to Why Acute Pain Turns Chronic

Imagine you’re injured in a traumatic accident. You take the appropriate steps: you undergo surgery, you are prescribed medication by your practitioner and you follow the appropriate steps for recovery. But what if, despite these steps, you’re still feeling pain? And worse, the pain impacting your daily life? You thought this was all behind you… Read More

The Myth of the All-Powerful Painkiller

If you suffer from chronic pain of any kind you probably remember when your doctor diagnosed you with it. You may have many questions about the diagnosis and prognosis and wondered how you’d get your life back. You or your practitioner (or both of you) probably discussed painkillers. Maybe you’ve had someone else in your… Read More


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