5 Ways to Super Health on Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday is a lot of fun. The problem is, many people over-indulge on this day at their health’s expense. Heavy snacking while parked on the couch for hours can deteriorate your body, unless of course, you stick to these 5 easy plays: Read More

Pills Versus Posture

There she was. I’m going to guess her age to be about 75 years old. I’ll call her Mary! I encountered Mary in a CVS pharmacy. One block from my home are 5 big box pharmacies. Read More

The 5 Pillars of Physical Health

I am psyched for the New Year. How about you? A friend recently asked about my resolution regarding my health for 2014. Read More

Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Sometimes our “yellow brick road” to health comes with surprises. The “wizardly” ideals we grow up with may not lead to Read More


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