The Best Science-Based Ways to Ease Stress and Reduce Pain

Imagine a car racing towards you as you cross the street. In that type of situation, stress protects you from potential injury. Fortunately, that kind of acute stress doesn’t happen often. More common are the chronic, everyday stressors that can impact your happiness and your pain levels. Researchers define stress as a state of real… Read More

5 Non-Pharmacological Ways to Dial Down Pain and Calm A Sensitive Nervous System

What’s the point of pain? Why does your body have this innate ability to suddenly trigger instances of mild to extreme pain lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few months, years, or even decades? More importantly, what can you do about it? It all boils down to understanding your nervous system. This includes… Read More

Answers to the 7 Most Puzzling Questions About How to Exercise When It Hurts

You’ve heard it from your practitioner, TV, and the Internet, that exercise can improve your quality of life and even decrease your pain, but where do you begin? There may be numerous questions buzzing through your mind such as: How much should I exercise? What kind of exercise should I do? Why is exercise sometimes… Read More

How to Effectively Taper Off Opioids and 3 Tips For Living Happily Ever After Without Them

Chronic opioid therapy is not a long-term solution for pain. And it shouldn’t be the first choice in the treatment for those with chronic pain. The recommendations in this blog post focus on pain lasting longer than 3 months or past the time of normal tissue healing, outside of active cancer treatment, palliative care, and… Read More

The Top 5 Overlooked Benefits of Exercise and How It Works to Rapidly Alleviate Chronic Pain

No medication even comes close to exhibiting equal pain relieving benefits as exercise and it has virtually no negative side effects. Exercise has been shown to be just as effective as prescription medication for managing pain (1). There are numerous benefits for your health and some of the most well-known benefits include:Reversing obesityManaging diabetesBoosts metabolismImproving… Read More

5 Powerful Ways to Reverse the Nocebo Effect and Feel Better

Are you ensuring that the language you use when conversing with your patients is having a healing effect? If not, your lack of awareness may be the reason some of your patients have a difficult time managing their chronic pain. Your words are very powerful and have the ability to heal or harm. The language… Read More

Spirituality and pain management. Evidence-based or hocus pocus?

Why is there so much pain in life? And does collaborating with a higher power help to ease the suffering? Most importantly, what impact do the spiritual beliefs of your patient have on their ability to cope with pain? Spiritual beliefs of the patient are a valuable asset for helping manage pain. With anywhere from… Read More
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