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Dr. Joe works with clients, in person and virtually (via phone or Skype). If you would like to book an appointment, please email support@drjoetatta.com

Yes, Dr. Joe has worked with professional athletes and dancers. If hands on treatment is indicated Dr. Joe does see patients in the clinic and also has a network of trained providers around the world.

Yes! CLICK HERE to view Dr. Joe’s free webinar!

Dr. Joe has spoken on a variety of podcasts, summits, radio show and live events. You can learn more at www.drjoetatta.com/media.  If you would like Dr. Joe to speak at your event, please send all of the details to support@drjoetatta.com

Yes, the Healing Pain Summit is available for purchase HERE, or by visiting Dr. Joe’s website at www.thehealingpainsummit.com

Dr. Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, CNS is a licensed doctor of physical therapy and board-certified nutritionist. He earned his clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Arcadia University. He specializes in treating chronic pain and has additional training and certification in mindfulness and cognitive therapies for pain.

Dr. Joe is the nation’s leader in natural pain care. He focuses on the resolution of chronic pain without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery or injections.

Pain is both an unpleasant physical and emotional experience. The definition of chronic pain is an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” When pain persists beyond the usual healing time of three months it is considered chronic. In fact, pain can persistent even if there was no injury at all. A broad framework is required to understand both the biological and behavioral responses that occur when someone experiences pain. Chronic pain is a complex disease with the involvement of many systems in the body including the gastrointestinal, muscular, endocrine, immune and nervous systems. Furthermore, pain is greatly influenced by psychosocial factors that may create further “threat” to the nervous system and exacerbate pain. The complexity of chronic pain requires an integrated approach for healing, not a single treatment. For more information integrated strategies to heal pain check out my book Heal Your Pain Now.

Dr. Joe has just launched the Integrative Pain Science Institute for practitioners. The Institute teaches pain science principles to improve your clinical practice. Explore an evidence-based understanding of the neuroscience, learn what works for people in pain and receive the guidance to incorporate it in everyday care. Professionals need the right tools – The Integrated Pain Science Institute teaches contemporary biopsychosocial interventions for practitioners who treat pain.

You can download your free book bonuses by going to this page: www.healyourpainnow.com. Simply scroll down and enter your email. All the bonuses will be sent to you instantly.

Dr. Joe also has an online program where you can work more closely with him. He created this because he knows how difficult pain is, and that people need extra care and support. You can read about it here: www.healyourpainhealyourlife.com.

While the book contains a wealth of information, Dr. Joe’s program is a far more extensive and a more personalized experience.

The program provides the exact how-to strategies, including videos, audio’s and PDF’s which are instructional. Furthermore you will be enrolled in the VIP and private Facebook group as well as have access to ask Dr. Joe questions about your personal pain problem BOTH in the Facebook group AND on the weekly group calls. It offers tremendous value, support and continuity so you can fully heal. You can read all about the program here: www.healyourpainhealyourlife.com

The program is yours for life, which means you can access it whenever you want, at any time. You can re-start the program from the beginning whenever you wish. Any upgrades he makes (which do happen) are yours at NO COST too!

All group calls are recorded, which means you can watch replays if you are unable to attend the live calls. We know your journey has been long and we are here to support you. Dr. Joe’s tools work on every level, mind, body, and nutrition!

Yes, the program is accessible internationally. If you cannot attend the ‘group calls’ due to time zone differences, then you can view them online later. Dr. Joe posts the replays via email and also via Facebook for everyone to access.

Yes, you can still successfully complete the HYPHYL program if you cannot take supplements.

The program is a complete mind-body approach with supplements as a very small part and often unnecessary for many. In fact, many people chose the program because it goes way beyond just supplements and into the brain in pain, emotions, neuroplasticity, healthy movement, and of course, a way to interact with Dr. Joe both in the Facebook group as well as on the live Q&A calls.

All supplements on Dr. Joe’s store are free of gluten, dairy, corn, sugar, soy, sugar and non-GMO.

There are also no allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, or dairy in the flavoring.

There are no artificial flavors, sweeteners, msg, etc.

Dr. Joe recommends a trial of eliminating corn from your diet for a minimum of three weeks and then reintroduce it to see if it causes a return of symptoms. Symptoms may include muscle or joint pain, stomach discomforts (gas, bloating), skin rashes, headaches, brain fog, or fatigue. Some people may have a corn intolerance and some have a corn allergy. Corn and corn products are found in many products. If someone has an intolerance even the tiniest amount can produce symptoms.

Corn is not one of the top eight food allergens for which special label information is required by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, so learning the names of products and ingredients that can be derived from corn is especially important for someone with this allergy. These include baking powder, caramel, cellulose, citric acid, dextrin, dextrose, inositol, malt, maltodextrin, monosodium glutamate (MSG), semolina, sodium erythorbate, sorbitol, starch, vanilla extract, xanthan gum and xylitol. Check with a product’s manufacturer if you have any questions about an ingredient’s origin.

Corn and corn-derived products are found in a wide variety of packaged foods, including:

  • Cereals
  • Candies
  • Jams
  • Syrups
  • Sauces
  • Snack foods
  • Canned fruits
  • Prepared meats, such as hot dogs and deli meats
  • Beverages

As with any food allergy or intolerance, you will have to make some modification in what and how you eat.

Corn-based ingredients can also be found in non-food items as diverse as shampoo, toothpaste, IV solutions, vitamins, cosmetics, crayons, dishwashing liquid, clothing, paint, plastics and pet food. Cornstarch, for example, can serve as both an adhesive and a coating in paper products, and is even used in disposable diapers.

Dr. Joe has a vast catalogue of Blogs on this subject. Here are just a few you can read on maintaining a healthy gut, eliminating gluten and the truth behind grains.

5 Ways Gluten Causes Pain

New Chronic Pain Treatment By Healing The Gut

The Real Problem With Grains And Pain

Possibly! Most of us have been raised to believe that we need milk and other dairy products in order to have a healthy body, not only when we are young, but also as we age. But what if we have been led astray? Humans are the only mammals that drink milk from another species, and when we do, it may cause inflammation and pain in ways you probably never imagined. Read more HERE.

If you are attempting the Gut Healing Portion of my Healing Your Pain Now book dairy should be removed, including organic forms. Disclaimer: Check with your physician before making any changes to your health. Here is a Free webinar to help support you.

There is grow medical evidence supporting mindfulness meditation for stress reduction, mood regulation, pain reduction and relief.  While there are increasing numbers of studies attempting to verify the efficacy of using such mindfulness techniques, evidence is often challenging to interpret and generalize.  This is because there exists a wide variety of different meditative practices under the umbrella of “mindfulness,” and therefore the specific meditative technique utilized is not always well defined or adequately explained in studies.  Read more about how Mindfulness can help you with your chronic pain HERE.

Yes. The brain is always responsible for the output of pain. If you suffer from chronic pain yet conventional doctors leave you more confused and frustrated, I’ve got a novel solution that doesn’t involve drugs or other invasive procedures. Turns out your perception and response to stress have a powerful effect on the intensity of pain you experience. It also contributes to recovery’s length and efficacy.

Neuroplasticity (brain plasticity) is your brain’s potential to change functionally and structurally. Your brain’s ability to adapt and exhibit plasticity enables it to create new neural pathways and adapt. Neuroplasticity allows you to learn from past experiences, adapt to changes in the environment, and master new skills as you go through your life.

When it comes to pain, your brain’s plasticity helps it form an association or a link between a painful sensation and present emotions, feelings, behaviors and the environmental stimuli that surrounds you. Read more HERE.

Nutrition and diet are important lifestyle factors in the alleviation of chronic pain. If you are looking for more information on nutrition Dr. Joe has three extensive chapters in his book. You can purchasing Dr. Joe’s bestselling book by clicking here: Heal Your Pain Now. Dr. Joe has also blogged extensively about the importance of optimal nutrition. Here are a number of resources you can review:

3 Ways Diet May Cause Pain

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Pain Relief

The Undeniable Link Between Sugar, Aches, and Stiffness

Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta

Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, board certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues.  He is the host of The Healing Pain Podcast designed to broaden the conversation around natural strategies toward solving persistent pain. Dr. Tatta is the author of the #1 best selling book Heal Your Pain Now; A Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life . He is currently in private practice and also provides Online Health Consulting to help people achieve a pain-free life free from chronic disease.  Learn more by visiting www.drjoetatta.com.

To your health!
Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, CNS

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